Our Wine Producers

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is an area of stunning scenery. Bordering the imposing alps of Switzerland and France, this region has made a name for itself through its incredible gastronomic delights and outstanding wines.


The Scagliola Estate, Piemonte

While meandering through the beautiful hills of Southern Piemonte, on the edge of the Monferrato region, you might come across this hidden gem. Scagliola is perched on a hill at San Siro, in the village of Calosso. Started in 1939 by Camillo Scagliola, four generations later this artisan, bio-dynamic, family run vineyard produces wines of the highest quality. Their passion for making great wine and their love and understanding of the land shines through each mouthful, transporting you to that land of classical, vine-planted vistas and warm sun.



The Montelio Estate, Oltrepo Pavese

“Montelio” means mountain of the sun. Situated in an old Benedictine monastery on the rolling hills of Oltrepo Pavese, this small family run vineyard has been quietly producing outstanding wine since 1803. Today this unimposing estate is run by the wonderful Giovanna and Catherine Brazzola. From their diverse rich reds to their delicious fresh whites, each glass tells the story of this unique and little-known region, situated between the hills of Tuscany and the Lombardy plain. Their excellent wines show Montelio's respect for nature and tradition. A truly delightful find.    

South West France

Situated at the foot of the Pyrenees, just south of Pau in the South West corner of France, Jurancon produces some of the most distinctive overlooked dry and sweet white wines. The indigenous Manseng grape produces the dry Sec, which is vibrantly fresh and aromatic while the Moelleux produces a golden dessert wine with the taste of exotic fruit and aromas of honey. An hours drive north of the Pyrenees, Madiran nestles amongst the vine clad hills. The home to the Tannat grape known locally as the "Prince of Darkness," Madiran produces its most famous red, a deep coloured, full bodied, well structured, intensely fruity wine. The Pacherenc dry white wine is smooth, crisp and full of flavour, while the Pacherenc Sweet wine is opulent, rich and aromatic. 

Todays small independent growers, remain loyal to tradition and values, but are pushing the art of wine making through their passion and integrity shaping the future of the regions, truly artisanal.


 Domaine Montesquiou, Jurancon

Situated just outside Pau, nestled in the hills of Monein you will find Domaine de Montesquiou. The estate has been producing wine since the 18th Century and is now in the capable hands of brothers Fabrice and Sebastien Bordenave-Montesquiou. This small, innovative and exciting bio-dynamic family run vineyard, produces outstanding wines of impeccable quality and originality.



Domaine Labranche Laffont, Madiran

Christine Dupuy took over her family's 6 hectare wine estate in 1992 when her father died unexpectedly. In order to preserve the environment, Labranche Laffont has converted their fields to organic farming.  Today Christine has worked hard to tame the inherently tannic grip, her reds are rich, ripe and round and very elegant for wines of this scale. Not to be overshadowed by her Madiran, Christine's whites are simply outstanding. A true shining star.



Domaine Clos Baste, Madiran

Phillipe Mur, who was previously a wine-maker at Château d’Aydie, created Clos Basté in 1998 with 10 hectares of land. Phillipe's entire wine making technique follows that of a Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux. Phillipe is a man filled with passion, energy and tenacity and is producing the next great wines of the region.



Domaine Sergent, Madiran

Situated on a hillside on the outskirts of Maumusson, Domaine Sergent has been in the capable hands of sisters Brigitte and Corinne Dousseau for the past 10 years. This small organic estate produces wines of the highest quality, blending traditional methods with the modern, producing wines that celebrate the terroir.



Domaine Dou Bernes, Madiran

This family estate is located in the sleepy village of Aydie. Now into its four generation and firmly set in the capable hands of Jean Paul Cazenave. Domaine dou Bernes nurtures its 9 acres of Madiran along with its 5 acres of Pacherenc, producing original wines with a sense of place.



Domaine du Moulie, Madiran

Since taking over the family's organic 15 acre estate in 2002, sister's Michèle and Lucie Charrier have been quietly working their magic. Today they produce deeply elegant wines incorporating old and new ideas harmoniously. Truly wonderful.